Rules & Regulations 


All applicants must be citizens of the Republic of Malta aged over 16 by the final presentation night, or holders of dual citizenship or foreign citizens who have been residing and working in Malta during any of the 12months of 2019.

Eligible entries must have been released between 4th September 2018 and 4th September 2019.

The Nomination Process of The Lovin Music Awards

The Nomination process will be through an online nomination vote. The  six nominated artists to received most votes in each category will be selected as the 6 ‘nominees’ for the competition and will proceed to the voting round. LM reserves the right to make changes for the betterment of the competition at their own discretion at this stage. The votes at this stage will not be made available to the public and/or any participant. 

The Voting Process for the Lovin Music Awards

 The voting process will be through an online vote through a highly secure and audit-able system developed specifically for the awards show and online on www.lovinmusicawards.com. The winners will be determined by who gets the highest percentage of the public vote.  The % of votes at this stage will be published 5 days after the awards show on the awards web portal.

Press Conferences, Publicity and Other Events

Nominees will be required to attend Press Conferences, media interviews, parties, exhibitions and other publicity events held to promote the nominees themselves, the final award presentation night.

Award Show 

Winners of each award shall reference The Lovin Music Awards in all their promotional and advertising material, for 1 year from date of award. 

Nominees are expected to be present at the venue when the event will be held every nominee is entitle to 10 Complimentary tickets. 

Nominees are expected to participate in advertising and promotions done specifically to promote the event. 

The whole show will be filmed and transmitted online on the Lovin Malta platforms, All performers whether singers, musicians, dancers, or actors, are giving their consent to be filmed, photographed and transmitted and are giving their full consent for this. Performers under the legal age should have their parents/guardians permission.

Other Regulations

Although great care was taken to ensure that these regulations protect the interests of the organisers as well as all participants and sponsors involved, the organiser’s reserve the right to change these regulations as required. 

Once nominees are published nominee cannot choose not to participate in the awards.